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 It's Here! 4 Steps to Authentic Self-Promotion, Free Guide + Templates

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I'm so glad you decided to join me to learn this very important skill that is so critical in today's changing economy. 

These days, those who will fare the best will learn the fine art of selling themselves, their products and services AUTHENTICALLY from a place of HELPING, rather than pressuring.

What you have to offer is a GIFT to others.

And they will only see that if:

1. It's actually true
2. You BELIEVE it (and my goal is to get you there)
3. That you guide them in a way to make the best choices for themselves.

So I want to show you how to create that self confidence in what you have to offer and to share it authentically, so that you grow an extremely loyal audience of people who can't wait to buy whatever it is you're selling.

It could be a product. It could be a service. And really, it could be anything in your everyday life where you are trying to get what you want. It could be at a restaurant, in a grocery store, with your friends or anywhere at all. It's not just about business.

It's all about switching from the perspective of SELLING to HELPING and I want to show you the steps to take to do that. This is a topic I'm extremely passionate about and a craft I've been developing for myself (and helping others do it too) for the past 2 decades.

So right now, let's get you started with some steps!

Step 1: Learn Sales and Get Your Free Downloads

Now even though I told you that we're shifting from sales to helping, the more you know about sales and copywriting, the easier it will be for you to implement this. I have some templates and a quick guide you can download for free on my website for this. Download the FREE GUIDE + TEMPLATES here (zip). Definitely study that material as it will help you understand the art of selling.

Step 2: Offer Something Useful

When I said what you have to offer is a gift to others, that doesn't mean you have to be the ultimate expert or have years and years of experience. All you have to do is have something useful to your audience…it can be information they don't have, encouragement that only you know how to give; anything that puts you just one step ahead of your audience.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Audience Intimately 

Put yourself in the mindset of your audience and do everything you can to learn more about them, so you know what to talk to them about and how to talk to them. My favourite way to learn about my audience is to create mailing list and have a Facebook Group. You might want to do it differently. Through my list I can send information, track clicks on links to see what interests them. Through the Facebook Group, I can create a personal connection, ask them questions and see what really makes them tick.

Step 4: Be Okay with Taking Risks  

Be okay with taking risks and just putting things out there. It is not a reflection of your value if people don't respond to something. It just means it isn't quite a fit or perhaps your audience isn't large enough yet. But keep sharing and the right people will be drawn to you and you will come to know them so intimately, that you'll instinctively know how to help them AND sell yourself and products at the same time.

And like I said, this is a very passionate topic for me. I live for this stuff. Being able to help and create a living from it, completely on my own terms is such a blessing.

But it takes work and a whole lot of learning and being willing to put yourself out there. And I'm here to help you with that. 

What to Do Next and Get More Help! 

If you're not already in, join me at the "Design Your Dream Life with Alice Seba" Facebook Group where can chat more directly and I'm always happy to help with anything you need to sort out.

Self-promotion and all mindset strategies are welcome topics! In other words, if it has anything to do with creating your dream life, it's all fair game.

Also stay tuned to your email...I have an opportunity for you to access a big class library + templates to help you with all of this. We're just getting organized and I'll be in touch with you about it very soon! 

To living your best life,

Alice Seba

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