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I'm so glad you decided to join me to learn this very important skill that is so critical in today's changing economy. 

These days, those who will fare the best will learn the fine art of selling themselves, their products and services AUTHENTICALLY from a place of HELPING, rather than pressuring.

What you have to offer is a GIFT to others.

And they will only see that if:

1. It’s actually true
2. You BELIEVE it (and my goal is to get you there)
3. That you guide them in a way to make the best choices for themselves.

So I want to show you how to create that self confidence in what you have to offer and to share it authentically, so that you grow an extremely loyal audience of people who can’t wait to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

It could be a product. It could be a service. And really, it could be anything in your everyday life where you are trying to get what you want. It could be at a restaurant, in a grocery store, with your friends or anywhere at all. It’s not just about business.

It’s all about switching from the perspective of SELLING to HELPING and I want to show you the steps to take to do that. This is a topic I’m extremely passionate about and a craft I’ve been developing for myself (and helping others do it too) for the past 2 decades.

So right now, let’s get you started with some steps…

Step 1: Learn Sales

Now even though I told you that we’re shifting from sales to helping, the more you know about sales and copywriting, the easier it will be for you to implement this. I have some templates and a quick guide you can download for free on my website for this. Download the FREE GUIDE + TEMPLATES here (zip). Definitely study that and we can talk about it later too.

Step 2: Offer Something Useful

When I said what you have to offer is a gift to others, that doesn’t mean you have to be the ultimate expert or have years and years of experience. All you have to do is have something useful to your audience…it can be information they don’t have, encouragement that only you know how to give…anything that puts you just one step ahead of your audience.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Audience Intimately

Put yourself in the mindset of your audience and do everything you can to learn more about them, so you know what to talk to them about and how to talk to them. My favourite way to learn about my audience is to create mailing list and have a Facebook Group. You might want to do it differently. Through my list I can send information, track clicks on links to see what interests them. Through the Facebook Group, I can create a personal connection, ask them questions and see what really makes them tick.

Step 4: Be Okay with Taking Risks  

Be okay with taking risks and just putting things out there. It is not a reflection of your value if people don’t respond to something. It just means it isn’t quite a fit or perhaps your audience isn’t large enough yet. But keep sharing and the right people will be drawn to you and you will come to know them so intimately, that you’ll instinctively know how to help them AND sell yourself and products at the same time.

And like I said, this is a very passionate topic for me. I live for this stuff. Being able to help and create a living from it, completely on my own terms is such a blessing.

But it takes work and a whole lot of learning and being willing to put yourself out there. 

I have a LOT to share in that regard and I can’t put it all into this video. It’s been a side goal of mine to create some comprehensive training and even publish a book on the topic, but it’s something I haven’t dedicated the time to.

So I had a crazy idea...

People often ask me if I do any coaching and want to hire me for one-on-one time.

It pains me to tell them NO, but it just doesn't fit how I want to do business. If you don't know me already, I hate being tied to a schedule. I live and work on my own terms. 

But I still want to help people, so I'm come up with an idea.

And I decided to do it because I think it's even more valuable than a coaching. You'll still get tons of direct instruction, but you'll also be able to see things, understand my decision-making process and learn how to apply what works for you. 

So the crazy idea is...I'd like to take you on this course creation and book publishing journey with me, so you can learn the fine art of self-promotion, but also see it with a real life behind the scenes example. 

Over the next 6 months, as I put the comprehensive self-promotion course and book, I’d like to give you access to:

1. All the training that is created for the program. You can expect step-by-step guidance, lots of examples to understand how the concepts work in practice, interviews with those who are masters at the art of self-promotion, plenty of templates (I LOOOOVE making templates for my customers) and more. 

2. A signed copy of the book mailed directly to you. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to sell it on eBay one day later. Haha...I kid, but I'm super excited about this book because I want to make it more palatable to a segment of the general public who is looking to do something new, but isn't familiar with audience building and the concepts of modern self-promotion. 

3. A complete insider’s look into how all of this is created, so that you can replicate a similar process in your own business. I'll take notes, make recordings and even do sessions to share this with you. I think when you see the reasoning of all the different details, you can make decisions that better fit the kind of business you want to have and the life you want to live. 

4. Get personalized help and have the course crafted to your needs. You'll be able to attend live sessions to ask questions, get feedback, make course suggestions and more. I want what I make from this to be very useful to you, so my ears are open to what you want and I'm happy to help you where you need assistance in your own business.  If you can’t attend the sessions, they will be recorded and transcripts or full notes provided.

There is no specific schedule on how this will be delivered, but you can expect something new and EXTREMELY useful every two weeks for at least the next 6 months. If we go longer than 6 months, I just keep giving you more stuff until the course and book are ready. 

I know that might sound wishy washy in regard to timing, but if you know me (and I think I already mentioned it above), I hate schedules. I’m a very disciplined and diligent person, but I like to go with the flow so that I have time for ALL the things that are important in my life. And that’s something else you’ll learn by default by joining me.

Take an Exclusive Front Row Seat to The Documentary That Can Change Everything for You and Your Business 

Think of it as the documentary of creating a dream life created simply by sharing a message and helping people…a documentary with real practical advice and guidance to put this into practice for yourself 

And through this process, I promise you that you'll be able to learn:

  • New skills to improve your salesmanship in a way that helps you grow an audience that is excited to know what you're promoting. 
  • Self-confidence tricks and mindset shifts to make self-promotion a natural way of doing things that makes you more likeable as a human being and professional building their business. 
  • How to transfer your skills and knowledge into a highly profitable business that allows you to live life one your own terms. 
  • How to create accountability for yourself to ensure what you really need to get done, gets done...and how to know when to go easy on yourself and avoid the dreaded perfection procrastination trap. 

Just a few benefits to start you off...I know we'll see many more in our time together. 

If you’re interested in joining me for this, choose your best option below. I’ll be accepting just a limited amount of people for this journey, so I have enough time in all the sessions to help you individually. I promise it will help you make big changes in what you’re doing now or help you discover something brand new to help you create the dream life that is the perfect fit for you. 

I look forward to having you join me…and for the accountability you provide me for achieving my goal, I promise to provide you with so much more. 

But first, the question you're probably already asking...

What Kind of Investment Do You Need to Just Naturally Be The Person Your Audience Love to Turn to for Guidance and Can't Wait to Buy From?

Well to be honest, the biggest investment is changing how you look at things and PRACTICING what you learn. But you can take baby steps and do this over time...and each time you do, you'll start seeing subtle changes that will motivate you to do more. 

I'm going to show you a LOT that you can start implementing, but the mindset shift happens when you put it into practice. I've been doing this for a long time now and when I look back at how EFFORTLESS some things are today, I know that came from just practicing the craft of connecting with my audience and being proud of the products I have to share. 

And as far as financial investment goes, I think you'll find the value here incredible. This program is going to TRANSFORM how you approach your business, what you think about "selling" and how all that culminates into a very satisfying business that helps people in a meaningful way and creates a good living for you

So what's that worth? One good product launch and you've already recouped your investment manifold. Heck, just one good email to the highly target audience you're going to create...and you're golden. 

It's not going to cost thousands. This ISN'T some "high ticket coaching" program, designed to line my pockets and leave you scratching your head. At just $397 (or choose the budget-friendly monthly payment option), this is a tiny drop in the bucket, but will have amazing ripple effects for a long time to come. 

Stop struggling to connect all the dots of building your audience, creating content and selling products. Tap into my 20 years of experience. Learn from my mistakes. Learn from my examples. And let me put my expertise to work in your unique business. 

So let's go over what exactly is going to happen in this program, because that's going to blow your mind...

Quick Summary of What's Included Over the Next 6 Months:

* Complete access to all Fine Art of Self-Promotion Training Materials as they are created
* A signed copy of the book mailed to you once it is complete
* Insider's look into the creation of the course and book, as it happens
* Ability to attend live sessions to ask questions, get feedback and more

* Download recordings and transcripts/notes of live sessions

Already Added to Your Membership (A Partial List)

* Resources to help discover your target market, applying the basics of copywriting and other selling tips.
* A bare bones (meaning let’s keep it simple) plan for you to start growing your audience.
* How to be more authentic with your audience, so they love you and trust you more.

* Tips for being more confident in promoting yourself, even if you find it really difficult.

* Becoming Clear on Who You Are: Master This and Self-Promotion is Easy

* Building an Engaged and Buying Audience
* Taking Your Knowledge and Skill and Turn it into a Business
* Tried and True Copywriting Tips to Sell More Products

* Know Yourself and The Self-Promotion is Easy 

* Creating Useful Content and Products to Achieve Your Mission 

* Persuasive Writing Deep Dive with Examples

* A Complete Product Launch Case Study + How to Plan Your Launch, Templates Included!

* Behind the scenes notes on keeping your projects organized for best results.

And So Much Great Business-Building Stuff Coming:

New content will be added frequently and our next live session on August 11. Our next sessions include:

* Repurposing Your Content to Grow Your Business Further
* Building Relationships to Build Business 
* Finding and Developing Your Own Charisma That Speaks to Your Audience 

If you can't attend live, you can submit questions and information about your business ahead of time. Plus, you'll get a copy of the recording and notes..but be there live if you possibly can. It will be worth it! 

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Our next session has started, but you can still join us below!


I'm really excited to bring this to will be a lot of fun, extremely informative and if you implement what you learn, you'll be able to promote yourself, your products and services flawlessly to an audience the loves you and can't wait to buy more from you. 

And please note, this is about half the price people will have to pay just to join the Fine Art of Persuasion training when it's complete later, but you're getting access to so much more...including the behind the scenes looks, extra content that may not make it into the training...and a don't forget signed copy of my book (maybe priceless haha)!

Let's get started! Just pick your option above and get ready for the ride.

To living your best life,

Alice Seba

Alice Seba, CEO on Her Own Terms

P.S. We're just getting started, but I loved this little bit of feedback that came in through our group. This is the reason WHY. I really am excited to be sharing this with you. 

The reason WHY!

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