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I'm so glad you decided to join me to learn this very important skill that is so critical in today's changing economy. 

Investment experts are predicting some doom and gloom for the economy, BUT they're saying the VERY best way to protect your financial future is to learn new ways of increasing your earning potential. Keep that cash flowing in is your best bet right now.  

That's actually GREAT news for online businesses like us, where we can leverage our skills to spread a useful message in the world AND get paid well for it.  

And after 20 years putting this into practice for my own business, I've got a LOT of secrets to that allows you to authentically be who you are (no perfection or expert status required) and create a dream life business for yourself. 

Over the years, I've shared a lot of insight into this...but it's a little tidbit here and there, nothing fully comprehensive like this. But I think time is of the essence here as we move into more challenging times and I want you to be prepared for what's to come, so you can soar through with flying colors. 

Introducing Your Behind the Scenes Full Access Pass to The Creation of the Fine Art of Self-Promotion Intensive Course + Book

People often ask me if I do any coaching and want to hire me for one-on-one time.

It pains me to tell them NO, but it just doesn't fit how I want to do business. If you don't know me already, I hate being tied to a schedule. 

But here's something different and I decided to do it because I think it's even more valuable than a coaching. You'll still get tons of direct instruction, but you'll also be able to see things, understand my decision-making process and learn how to apply what works for you. Plus, many other benefits. 

So the crazy idea is...I'd like to take you on this course creation and book publishing journey with me, so you can learn the fine art of self-promotion, but also see it with a real life behind the scenes example. 

Over the next 6 - 12 months, as I put the comprehensive self-promotion course and book, I’d like to give you access to:

1. All the training that is created for the program. You can expect step-by-step guidance, lots of examples to understand how the concepts work in practice, interviews with those who are masters at the art of self-promotion, plenty of templates (I LOOOOVE making templates for my customers) and more. 

And we've already got a nice library of content to get you started immediately. More details on that in a moment. 

2. A signed copy of the book mailed directly to you. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to sell it on eBay one day later. Haha...I kid, but I'm super excited about this book because I want to make it more palatable to a segment of the general public who is looking to do something new, but isn't familiar with audience building and the concepts of modern self-promotion. 

3. A complete insider’s look into how all of this is created, so that you can replicate a similar process in your own business. I'll take notes, make recordings and even do sessions to share this with you. I think when you see the reasoning of all the different details, you can make decisions that better fit the kind of business you want to have and the life you want to live. 

4. Get personalized help and have the course crafted to your needs. You'll be able to attend live sessions to ask questions, get feedback, make course suggestions and more. I want what I make from this to be very useful to you, so my ears are open to what you want and I'm happy to help you where you need assistance in your own business.  If you can’t attend the sessions, they will be recorded and transcripts or full notes provided.

You can expect something new and EXTREMELY useful every two weeks for at least the next 6 months. If we go longer than 6 months, I just keep giving you more stuff until the course and book are ready.

I know that might sound wishy washy in regard to timing, but if you know me (and I think I already mentioned it above), I hate schedules. I’m a very disciplined and diligent person, but I like to go with the flow so that I have time for ALL the things that are important in my life. And that’s something else you’ll learn by default by joining me.

Take an Exclusive Front Row Seat to The Documentary That Can Change Everything for You and Your Business 

Think of it as the documentary of creating a dream life simply through sharing and helpinga documentary with real practical advice and guidance to put this into practice for yourself 

And through this process, I promise you that you'll be able to learn:

  • New skills to improve your salesmanship in a way that helps you grow an audience that is excited to know what you're promoting. 
  • Self-confidence tricks and mindset shifts to make self-promotion a natural way of doing things that makes you more likeable as a human being and professional building their career or business. 
  • How to transfer your skills and knowledge into a highly profitable business or career that allows you to live life one your own terms. 
  • How to create accountability for yourself to ensure what you really need to get done, gets done...and how to know when to go easy on yourself and avoid the dreaded perfection procrastination trap. 

Just a few benefits to start you off...I know we'll see many more in our time together. 

If you’re interested in joining me for this, choose your best option below. I’ll be accepting just a limited amount of people for this journey, so I have enough time in all the sessions to help you individually. I promise it will help you make big changes in what you’re doing now or help you discover something brand new to help you create the dream life that is the perfect fit for you. 

I look forward to having you join me…and for the accountability you provide me for achieving my goal, I promise to provide you with so much more.

Quick Summary of What's Included Over the Next 6-12 Months:

* Complete access to all Fine Art of Self-Promotion Training Materials as they are created
* A signed copy of the book mailed to you once it is complete
* Insider's look into the creation of the course and book, as it happens
* Ability to attend live sessions to ask questions, get feedback and more

* Download recordings and transcripts/notes of live sessions

Already Added to Your Membership

* Resources to help discover your target market, applying the basics of copywriting and other selling tips.
* A bare bones (meaning let’s keep it simple) plan for you to start growing your audience.
* How to be more authentic with your audience, so they love you and trust you more.
* The recording + transcript of our recent "get to know you" session. 

* Tips for being more confident in promoting yourself, even if you find it really difficult.

* "Becoming Clear on Who You Are: Master This and Self-Promotion is Easy" live session recording.

* "Building an Engaged and Buying Audience" archive presentation.
* "Taking Your Knowledge and Skill and Turn it into a Business" archive presentation with notes.
* "Tried and True Copywriting Tips to Sell More Products" archive presentation with notes.

* Know Yourself and The Self-Promotion is Easy session recording

Creating Useful Content and Products to Achieve Your Mission session recording

* Behind the scenes notes on keeping your projects organized for best results.

New content will be added frequently and our next live session on May 19, we'll meet for a fun session on "Confidently Spreading the Message You Want", a Brainstorming Session June 3 and we'll have a 
"Persuasive Writing Deep Dive" on June 16 - but there's tons more coming! If you can't attend live, you can submit questions and information about your business ahead of time. Plus, you'll get a copy of the recording and notes..but be there live if you possibly can. It will be worth it! 

Just choose your option below...

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I'm really excited to bring this to you...I promise it will be a lot of fun, extremely informative and if you implement what you learn, you'll be able to promote yourself, your products and services flawlessly to an audience the loves you and can't wait to buy more from you. 

And please note, this is about half the price people will have to pay just to join the Fine Art of Persuasion training when it's complete later, but you're getting access to so much more...including the behind the scenes looks, extra content that may not make it into the training...and a don't forget signed copy of my book (maybe priceless haha)!

Let's get started! Just pick your option above and get ready for the ride.

To living your best life,

Alice Seba

Alice Seba, CEO on Her Own Terms

P.S. We're just getting started, but I loved this little bit of feedback that came in through our group. This is the reason WHY. I really am excited to be sharing this with you. 

The reason WHY!

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