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Fine Art of Self-Promotion

Today's economy is changing and those who will fare the best will learn the fine art of selling themselves, their products and services AUTHENTICALLY from a place of HELPING, rather than pressuring. 

What you have to offer is a GIFT to others. 

And they will only see that if:

  1. It's actually true 
  2. You BELIEVE it (we'll get you there)
  3. And you guide them in a way to make the best choices for themselves. 

My goal is to show you how to create that self confidence in what you have to offer and to share it authentically, so that you grow an extremely loyal audience of people who can't wait to buy whatever it is you're selling. 

It's all about switching from the perspective of SELLING to HELPING and this book includes the steps you need to take. 

You too, can turn on that favor switch so that both you AND the audience you want to help benefits greatly. 

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You'll be able to watch or read the 4 download the "Go From Copywriting Basics to Natural Persuasive Writing" handy guide  + 10 fill-in-the-blanks swipe file templates. 

Very excited to share this with you. I know you'll love these 4 steps and can't wait to see you become a self-promotion whiz. 

To living your best life,

Alice Seba

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